Why travel broadens the mind

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Have you heard the saying travel broadens the mind?

Do you agree with it…?

From personal experience, we believe that travel does indeed broaden our horizons, both internally and externally.

By travel, we mean more than just that daily commute; more than the busy bus or packed train; far more than the grips and gears that your car or brakes, and plastic bearings of your pushbike, can ever offer.

Although these modes might offer a gateway, by travel we mean going further, and for longer, than your daily commute or local shopping trip might offer.

We mean – venturing into the unfamiliar…

Benefits of Traveling

There are several proven benefits to travel and very good reasons why travel outside of the local sphere is a positive.

  1. It helps relieve stress – taking a prolonged time out from the hustle and bustle of usual life helps reset the mind and body, and can actually lower cortisol levels. We mentally recharge when we are in an unfamiliar place, additionally, because we find it interesting and it stimulates our mental faculties in ways that the well worn and overfamiliar places do not.
  2. It can make you more aware, both of yourself and the culture you come from. Interacting with new people, in a new place, allows you to reflect and learn about yourself and your home country in comparison. Differences can help us realise our own values and come to decisions about what’s important to us. Travel therefore offers an opportunity for very deep (re)assessment.
  3. You don’t just learn about yourself when traveling, you also have a chance to decide to change some aspects of yourself if you’re not happy with them. How many people do we know have come back from a year abroad a very changed person? Literature and film are full of examples. Travel is the time for some radical reinvention! Travel may change you naturally, through experience, but also you can decide to do some self-work if you wish to.
  4. It can give you confidence, resilience, and self-reliance, especially if you travel alone. You come up against situations that force you to develop along these lines. If you travel far enough, there is no-one there to ask, so you have to depend upon yourself. You also need to tap into your innate creativity in order to react to new, previously not experienced situations.

Travel is a very mind broadening experience, therefore. We highly, highly recommend it.

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