Pokemon Go Around The World

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Pikachus around the world (photo by Klimkin)

The relaunch of Pokemon Go has led to a second life for the game. Many players in this reincarnation are adults rather than just children. Many have become hooked on capturing Pikachu and Squirtles, training our poke-beasts in the local gym, and battling it out in public areas all around the world!

Unfortunately, some rare Poke-creatures that you want to add to your Pokedex won’t just be found locally. And that is where travel comes into play!

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 Grand Central Terminal, NYC, US

Head to this fine example of Beaux-Arts architecture not only to awe at the iconic clock and beautiful staircase but also to catch a host of uncommon Pokemon such as Tauros, Seviper, Illumine, and Carnivine. The terminal is, of course, also a Pokestop, as well as a (fiercely competitive!) gym.

Big Ben and Savoy Hotel, London, UK

Take a walk between these two architectural wonders and you will wonder at the sheer number of strange Pokemon waiting to be lured in! There are plenty of Pokestops on this route meaning that you can keep your Pokeball count as high as required. Look out for creatures such as Mr Mime, Zangoose, Lunatone, and Volbeat here.

Rare Pokemon or just a fountain? (Photo: Loco Steve)

Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan

This park next to Ueno underground train station is rather big and contains a museum and a zoo as well as parkland area. It attracts over 10 million visitors each year, and is a prime spot for spinning Pokestops and catching rare Pokemon. There should be Asian regional rarities such as Farfetch’d, Torkoal, and Azelf, all around.

Sydney Opera House, Australia

This iconic, white, wing-like building opening out onto the harbour is home to several rare Poke-creatures. For example Kangaskhan, Lunatone, and Volbeat. Kangaskhan can only be caught in Australia.

Several other rare Pokemon can be caught in even more far flung areas. These include Heracross (Central and South America), Corsola (the tropics along the Equator), Torkoal (India and South Asia) and Pachirisu (Alaska, Canada, and Russia).

It’s also worth remembering that regional speciality Pokemon can often only be caught by using incense and lures. Therefore, make sure you get to a prime spot and get these going before you begin throwing your balls.

For more detail on areas and these regional variations, check out the Pokemon Go international map. And, don’t forget, wherever you are, to have fun – Pokemon Go is a game, after all!

Cover photo: Stux

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