Tenerife from a different point of view

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While Tenerife is a popular destination for its warm all-year-round weather and its beautiful sandy and rocky beaches, it’s the hidden gems that really make the island shine. In this article, we will introduce a few interesting and unique ways to make the most out of your holiday.

Off road; on point

Experience the stunningly diverse landscape of Tenerife first hand with a guided quad bike tour of the island. Various routes are available, from beginner trails to off-road veteran scrambles, so there’s something for everyone! Generally clocking in at 2.5 hours, tours include all equipment, hire of the quad and expert instruction to get you started.


Quad bike tours in Tenerife

The sky’s the limit

Take a once-in-a-lifetime view of the island with a guided paraglide over Tenerife’s lush forests and perfect coastline. Soaring at 1,200 metres above the ground, you’ll get a view like no other and your pilot might even let you take the reins for a while once you’re up to speed. Most tours include pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, and the opportunity to purchase an HD video of your flight.

Paragliding in Tenerife

Cruise in style

If all this adrenaline-packed fun sounds way too tiring, how about a luxurious chartered power boat tour around Tenerife? You’ll take in the island’s majesty from a different point of view, with a knowledgeable captain who’ll fill you in on the local fauna, with the option to hop out and snorkel on most tours. Expect your tour to last a couple of hours, with options for longer tours and group bookings available.

Boat tours Tenerife

On top of the world

A tour of the Mount Teide national park is an unforgettable experience and is on most visitors’ to-do lists. If you do visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed park, make sure to check out Teide Observatory. The largest solar observatory on the planet is world-famous for good reason and offers expert tours with passionate guides who will explain Tenerife’s astronomy and rich scientific history. Organized travel packages are available, or if you’re hiring a car, advance tour tickets can be bought before your trip.

Teide Observatory

Photo: Flickr

Step back in time

Lace up your hiking boots, grab your map and embark on a trek into the mountains in search of the ‘lost village’ of Masca, a remote hilltop community nestled amidst dramatic mountain scenery. If you prefer a bit of solitude, get up to the village early to avoid the tourist crowds and take the Masca Gorge trek, a 3-hour scramble down to Masca Bay. If direction isn’t your strong suit, there are guided tours for small groups led by expert local hikers.

Hiking Masca

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