3 Beautiful Environments | Australia

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The Great Barrier Reef

Colourful coral found in the Great Barrier Reef (Photo: Ryan McMinds)

The reef sits just off the coast of Queensland in the north of Australia. This underwater environment is a beauty, created as a result of mother nature’s hard work over thousands of years, however, now it’s existence is being threatened. Part of the reef is now bleached which means it’s being to too much stress. The changes we make are impacting the health of the coral and charities have established as a direct result in an attempt to save it (https://www.fightforourreef.org.au/).

The Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains (Photo: Alam Samuel)

If you’re looking for adventure then you’ve found it. No matter which hiking trail you choose, the Blue Mountains reward you with breathtaking views left right and centre. It’s rich in terms of flora as forests cover the valley floor and has been deemed a world heritage site by UNESCO. If your thinking of travelling to Australia then these mountains should definitely be on the list of places to visit (http://us.sydney.com/destinations/blue-mountains).

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour featuring the Sydney Opera House (Photo: Mertie)


Stand anywhere along Sydney Harbour and soak in it’s beauty. The Harbour is a great example of how the natural and built environment can work well together. The Sydney Opera House protrudes into the water to take centre stage with Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Opera House is perhaps one of Australia most famed buildings and the harbour itself has been featured in films such as Finding Nemo.

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