Beautiful Sunset Images From Around The World

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Sunsets are such a beautiful time of day and can otherwise be termed golden hour. The atmosphere the light creates is magical, romantic and captivating, so much so that we make a point of going to watch the sun set. Nature never ceases to amaze!


The sun setting behind Mt. Teide highlights its silhouette above the cloud line. The orange light hits the top of the clouds giving off warmth and softness. The contrast between the blue and orange is complimentary as the gradient takes effect.

2. Morocco

A orange-reddish hue is cast over Morocco as the sun sets across the water. It represents the elements of fire and water beautifully well in their calmest moments.

3. Iceland

The mountain ranges are the perfect backdrop to this image. The isolated chunks of ice melt into the reflection of the cloud as the different tones of blue from the water and sky harmonize together.


The sunset has filtered through the clouds which gives off an effect similar to light pillars and give the air some mystique. The melting pot of blues, purples, pinks and oranges is enrapturing, especially with such a stunning view of the city from above.

5. Hawaii

Palm trees are typically associated with holidays in warm tropical locations. The silhouettes accentuate their form and the finer details of their enormous leaves. Here the sun plays a modest role and unifies the different elements of the image.

6. Australia

A mild Australian sunset is refreshing with its cool tones and only the tiniest hint of warm at its centre.


If you are interested in snapping some pictures like these then here is some great guidance:

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