Naples Has A Lot Of Charm Despite Its Dodgy Image

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Boats at the sea-front in Naples (Photo: Carlo Raso)

Naples has had a lot of bad press over the years and has come away with a poor reputation as a place to spend your time but does this Italian city really deserve this dodgy image? Reports of squalor and street crime have been very bad publicity for Naples. Of course, there are problems just like in any modern city but there is also a lot that will attract you. Naples is full of charm despite what has been said about it.

Naples: home of the Pizza



Pizza from Naples (Photo: Vero Pizza)

If you like pizza you are in the right place to enjoy the most authentic ones on the planet because Naples is the home of this delicious Italian meal. Naturally there are plenty of pizzerias and restaurants where you can eat a “Pizza Napoletana” in Naples. Where could be better for this dish than in the city that invented it?

You can also get delicious pasta dishes in Naples and there’s some yummy food, such as deep-fried rice balls, for sale on the streets too. Food is very good value for money in Naples too, unlike in some places in Italy where the prices are high because of the number of tourists that will pay for it.

The Historic Center of Naples


Santa Maria del Carmine

Santa Maria del Carmine (Photo: Giuseppe Guida)

Naples is a city with plenty of history behind it and not surprisingly has many ancient churches, such as Santa Maria del Carmine, and buildings of architectural significance. There are even unique underground passages. The catacombs of San Gennaro date back all the way to the 3rd century. Naples is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The historic center of Naples has been recognized as a UNESCO heritage site, and deservedly. Naples was originally founded by the Ancient Greeks as Neapolis in 470 BC and the street plan is still the same.

Places to visit from Naples


Naples makes a great base to visit other places of interest in Italy. It is within easy reach of the slopes of the volcanic mountain of Vesuvius and the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum that were long ago buried by an eruption.

You can travel to the picturesque Amalfi Coast with the resorts of Sorrento and Positano, and then there are the islands of Capri, Procida and Ischia out in the Bay of Naples. You can get to Capri in just 45 minutes and it is an island paradise well worth seeing.


Capri (Photo: Heribert Bechen)

For accommodation and hotels in Naples there is a large range to choose from. If you are looking for a quieter part of the city then Vomero is a suburb on a hill that comes recommended as one of the best places to stay in Naples.


View from Vomero (Photo: yashima)

It gives some fantastic views over the city and the Bay of Naples. Vomero is a perfect place for an evening stroll and enjoying some authentic Neapolitan ice-cream.

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