24 hrs in Osaka

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“Photobombing seems not to be funny for the japanese girls” I thought after “interrupted” them while they were taking a selfie. Well, it was not on purpose – so I didn’t care that much. It was also my first time in Japan.

Of course I did some research because I didn’t want to travel to a country that was completely unknown for me. I found out that Osaka is the culinary capital of Japan. So I planed to stay in Osaka before go to Kyoto. I was really hungry and wanted to eat everything. Everything that I could see in front because it looked so tasty!

But first I visited the hipster quarter of Osaka. You can see all the young people in the orange street in fancy coffee shops drinking their drinks and smoking. You also will find shops where you can spend all your money for fashionable design clothes.

Let’s go on – to the main street and quarter Dotonbori where the culinary variety amazed me! There were restaurants just everywhere and I could not decide where to go first. Because everyone told me that you can’t eat something thats not tasty – here we go. I just chosed randomly a place where I eat something. So I chose Takoyaki 2308993346_569d52b933_z– small octopus balls with bonito flakes! Sooo good! Next stop: Okonomiyaki shop – Okonomiyaki is like a japanese pizza or pancake. Really really tasty as well! After this there was still some space enough for drinks and tempura. It was awesome! I had some fried shrimps and veggies. The people were right! You can’t eat something bad in Japan!


After having so so much I had to go for a walk a bit and discovered a lot of little shops. You can buy everything there. It was quite cool. Japanese are very friendly although they seem to be very shy at first. But its a different culture and belongs to the etiquettes of being polite and respectful, I guess.

After all this delicious impression I went back to my little hotel room and fell asleep – can’t wait for the next stop.

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