10 reasons to love Norway

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Norway is without doubts one of the most beautiful places all over the world. Amazing cities, stunning nature and happy people – here are 10 reasons why you should love that country:

1. Norway is one of the happiest countries worldwide.


In the UN’s World Happiness Report from 2013 Norway was on rank 2! The report analyzes 156 countries in regard to factors like freedom, social support and medical supply.

2. It is very safe.

The crime rate in Norway is extremely low, as well as the rate of murders and imprisonment. So you don’t need to be afraid walking through cities during the night!

3. There is a law called “allemannsrett”.

Translated this means “everyone’s law”. It is a law that allows everybody to move around the nature completely free. You can put your tent wherever you want, go hiking, enjoy the nature, as long as the area is uncultivated. That gives you a lot of freedom to enjoy Norway’s nature without barriers.

4. There are fascinating photo spots like Trolltunga and Kjergabolten.


Take stunning pictures that you can show to your friends who stayed at home.

5. You will find amazing cities with so much nature.

Oslo, the capital, and Fredrikstad are only examples for cities surrounded by forests and mountains.

6. Fjords – a wonder of nature.

Fjord Norway

Take a boat and make a tour through the fascinating fjords of Norway.

7. Discover the midnight sun.

Midnight Sun Norway

24 hours sun per day – a natural spectacle to be seen during summer in the North of Norway, above the polar circle. It’s not only beautiful to watch – you also have more time to go hiking and explore the country!

8. The wildlife.

reindeer norway

Everywhere in Norway you can find reindeer running around freely which is really cool! And if you make a trip to the Svalbard islands you can even watch some polar bears in their natural environment.

9. See the northern lights.

Northern lights in Norway

Especially at the Lofoten you have a spectacular view at the northern lights. Very romantic experience.

10. Norway is a country of records.

It has not only the deepest lake of whole Europe, the Hornindalsvatnet, but also the longest highway tunnel worldwide, the Laerdalstunnelen with 24,5km. It takes you 20 minutes to drive through it and therefore, it is designed like different caves which are illuminated in 3 colours in order to make the drive more spectacular.

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