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10 tips for eating out in Bruges

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Tourism for gourmets is in full bloom. In addition to museums and other places of interest for visitors, the gastronomic values of a city are becoming more and more important. After all, who doesn’t love good food and drink? You can see the sort of food you can enjoy at your choice of hotel in Bruges now. Here are 10 tips to enjoy this city.

1. Waffles

Bruges waffles

On the corner of every street are the world famous Bruges waffles. This sweet is delicious eaten cold or hot. A well kept secret is the traditional recipe for these waffles. You can also eat them with chocolate or with fruit. Especially with strawberries and whipped cream they are nothing to sneeze at.

2. Fries


A holiday in Bruges without the fries to taste would not be complete. They can be eaten alone, with mayonnaise, with satay sauce, on the street or in a restaurant, and the perfect accompaniment for a nice steak or fish. Chez Vincent, on the Sint-Salvatorskerkhof number 1, is probably the best address in Bruges for fries.

3. Mussels and fries

mussels with fries

This dish you can find on almost all the menus in Bruges. It is called Moules-frites (“Mussels and fries”) and counts as the national dish for the whole of Belgium. The mussels are cooked in salted water with vegetables and served in what is known as a “Mussel pot”. A dish that is not that cheap but is served in large portions.

4. Beer

beer  in Bruges

With over 1000 different types of beer available in Belgium, the nation belongs to the most important beer countries in the world. With over 400 types of beer on the map, it is therefore no surprise that you can find them in the Bruges brasseries. If you are a fan of beer you are simply no longer safe away from Bruges! You can sample the Trappist and abbey beers!

5. Chocolate

chocolate bonbons

Every tourist in Bruges will visit one of the chocolate shops in the city. The Chocolate Line comes very highly recommended. The chocolate here is presented in an artistic way in all sorts of products. With bacon, onions or even with a cannabis-aroma. Also an ideal place to shop for a gift for family or friends. An absolute must.

6. Hot chocolate

a cup of chocolate milk

At the famous Proeverie or at the Bittersweet, tea-rooms in Bruges, you can not only enjoy, but also create, hot chocolate just how you like it. Relax and forget about the bustle and stresses of life for a moment!

7. Rabbit in Geuze sauce

Rabbit in Geuze sauce

Beer sauces are everywhere in Flanders. Therefore do not leave Bruges without having tasted the rabbit in Geuze sauce. This is rabbit meat stewed in a sauce with Geuze beer. Exceptional!

8. Waterzooi (stew)


Although originally a Waterzooi stew was from Ghent, now you can also enjoy it in Bruges. Restaurant Pieter Pourbus has it on the menu. Originally it is a dish of fish from the North Sea, cooked in broth with various types of vegetables and fresh herbs. Chicken Waterzooi also now belongs to the possibilities for this dish. A gastronomic tour through Bruges would not be complete without this dish.

9. Pastries, cakes and sweets

most delicious pastries

For lovers of cakes and biscuits, Bruges is a true delight with a massive number of tearooms and pastry shops. But mostly go to Prestige Patisserie in Vlamingstraat (“Fleming Street”). Your mouth will be watering at the sight of what is in the shop windows. Once inside is the real problem though: what shall I choose? A delightful problem!

10. Haute Cuisine

haute cuisine

The tourist who visits Bruges will discover a very great number of haute cuisine restaurants. In the Michelin Guide, there are some that have been awarded the famous Michelin star(s). One of the best is the De Karmeliet restaurant on Langestraat 19. This renowned restaurant has as many as three stars. Of course, it is a bit more expensive but top quality service is guaranteed. If your budget is much more modest then go to Kok au Vin bistro, which is an affordable gem from Bruges.

All in all, more than enough reasons to visit. This very attractive city in Belgium is a paradise for gourmets at any time of the year.

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