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It is very common that many travellers flying to the smaller Caribbean islands will first need to stop at a larger island where there is an international airport. You may only have an hour or two before your connecting flight but, if you’re lucky, you may have longer.

If you’re looking for a relaxing ‘flop ‘n’ drop’ beach holiday then the Crystal Cove in Barbados might be perfect for you. We all like to be adventurous travellers and get off the beaten path but sometimes you need some good old fashioned chill out time so that is why this place is perfect..


Just do nothing but laze on a beach chair and soak up that hot Caribbean sun. Feel the sand between your toes and get your daily workout by paddling in the sea. Take your watch off and let your stomach be the only thing guiding your daily routine.Relax, relax, relax! The only things to do are to eat, sleep, drink, snooze, read and spend time with the people you love. Because that’s what holidays are all about, isn’t it?



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