The 3 Faces of India

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India has a vastly changing landscape and as you travel from state to state, not only does the language change- but the clothing, the attitudes, the traditions, and especially the weather changes along with it! All these things make you feel like you are in three different countries:



  1. India’s Deserts

Explore the Thar Desert from Jaisalmer by camel. There’s not just sand desert, but the salt lowlands you see in South America, but instead here in Kutch. You’ll also find ancients forts out here, as well as Maharaja palaces.


  1. India’s Mountains


If you want to trek and play in the snow you can do these things in India as well. You can ride a yak in a wool coat and drink tea with people from Tibet and Nepal in Himachal Pradesh, or go even further into Kashmir- this is nothing like you’d imagine “typical India” to be.


  1. India’s Jungles

See the wild elephants charge, run from silly monkeys, see 8 foot long pythons, giant crocodiles, and all the big cats in one of India’s Jungles like the Andaman Island Rainforest, Assam, or the Western Ghats.  


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