3 Ways to Travel around without Money

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“I’d love to travel around for a longer time, but I can’t pay a hotel for 5 months…” – That’s a commonly known problem among passionate travelers. But there is a possibility to travel without spending money for accommodation: “Work and Travel”. During the last years there have been established several platforms aiming at bringing travelers and employers together.




Three possibilities that sound interesting:


WWOOF is the abbreviation of “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”. It’s an organisation which brings local farmers and gardeners and young travelers together. For a little bit of work, about 20 hours per week, you get board and lodging. The tasks mainly consist of gardening, farming, cooking, teaching, babysitting or handcraft, so usually there’s something suitable for everyone. Besides the place to sleep a positive factor of WWOOF is also the cultural exchange with the co-workers and the experience you can earn.



House Carers

Apply for being carer of private houses whose owners are in vacations! Most of the time the tasks are not quite exigent, it’s only about keeping the property clean, giving the plants some water, caring for their animals or keeping thieves away. For the owners it’s for free and for you it’s a great possibility to live in a large house with garden and to explore a new city/neighbourhood.




The aim of workcamping is to bring travelers and employers together – you work for some hours per day and in return you receive a camping spot for free. That means that you’re staying where you work. There is plenty of different jobs in hotels, national parks, camping parks etc. and most of them are during certain seasons (march to may, september – november).

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