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Milan as viewed in Time Lapse [Must See VIDEO]

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Milan is a very popular Italian city that attracts countless tourists who enjoy sightseeing and visiting its attractions. A different way of viewing Milan is by using time lapse photography. Just search the Internet for “time lapse Milan” and you will find many time lapse videos posted on Youtube and Vimeo that show the city using the photographic technique of time lapse.

Innovative approach (Vimeo) “MUST SEE VIDEO”

Classic approach (YouTube)

Crowds of people

Time lapse videos often show crowds of people, mostly pedestrians, shoppers and workers, as they go about their business. The photographic technique appears to speed things up and you see masses of people streaming up a stairway or elevator, for example, or moving about, almost like insects, as they cross a square or shopping area.

There are always a lot of people, with many of them being tourists, outside historic buildings like the Duomo. Milan’s cathedral is world famous and always attracts plenty of visitors, who want to marvel at the size of its dome. Of course,many of these tourists who come to MIlan, need accommodation in the city, and they have a very good choice ofhotels.

milan DuomoVisitors to the Duomo

Milan is actually the second most highly populated city in Italy, so photographing crowds is easy to do there. There are always people about in Milan!

Traffic in Time Lapse

Scenes of the traffic in Milan appear in time lapse videos about the city. Traffic appears even more animated when captured this way.  Of course, there are periods in the day when there is a lot more traffic than at others, in the morning when people are going to work, and again in the evening, as they return home.

Central Station Milan

Traffic at Central Station, Milan

As the night falls, the lights of the city are turned on and this makes for interesting viewing too. It adds to the visual experience of what Milan is like in a period of 24 hours, and you can watch the city as it becomes illuminated.

The lights of the city, of course,  add to Milan’s attractiveness after dark and show what a lively nightlife the city has.

The Milan sky at sunrise and sunset

The sky is always a great subject for time lapse photography too, because you can watch the clouds moving and changing shape, as well as watching planes leaving contrails. The clouds appear to move much faster than they really do in normal time. The moon and stars appear to move about too with time lapse photography used at night.

Milan SkySunrise over Milan

Sunrise and sunset over Milan makes for some stunning visual images and time lapse throughout the day shows how life in the city changes. You can see the sun’s rays fall on a historic building and gradually more and more of the building becomes sunlit. Time lapse photography and videos bring the city of Milan to life in a very novel way.

(Photos Mike and Annabel BealeslikeaduckDzhingarovaNick Grosoli)

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