Road Story Vietnam [VIDEO]

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Prepared to be captivated, as you journey for 45 days through Vietnam, by way of this enchanting short film. Road Story Vietnam begins with the traveller running along rail tracks, and jumping aboard a carriage, with backpack in tow. Moving images reveal a thrilling and exciting adventure ahead, and shots of the train ride, juxtapose with the idyllic landscapes of Vietnam.

The road story Vietnam from Georgy Tarasov on Vimeo.

The next part of the journey, is quite magical, as we see hordes of patriotic locals riding through rain covered streets, in the dark of the night. Vietnamese flags are waved proudly, by jubilant individuals, who laugh and smile, warmly. The backpack traveller is cleverly captured, walking out of the night-time scene, into the day. Paddy fields, create an iconic backdrop, and a lone worker toils, while motorbike riders cross the bridge, overhead, blending tradition with modernity.

Our traveller treks, and explores the countryside, on a bicycle, and a boat, utilising various modes of transportation, while we enjoy the scenery, courtesy of the artistry of his cameraman/brother. The film takes a change of pace, when the bicycle, and his two feet, are exchanged for an abandoned motorbike. Leaving cash for the absent owner, our traveller jumps on the vehicle, and zooms off towards the next adventure, stopping for a game of football with young Vietnamese boys. For a moment, the gap between the East and West is bridged.

This film presents nature at its very best, and the traveller’s ‘joie de vivre’ is extremely refreshing to witness.


(Image source: Michael Malz)

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