Veggie & Vegan in Rome

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” the saying goes, but if you are a vegetarian or vegan you might worry how you will be able to do so in a city where there are so many meat-eaters. But fear not because Rome has plenty of quality restaurants where you can be served meals that do not contain meat, fish or dairy.


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Of course, if you are a visitor to Italy you will need accommodation for your stay and there are hotels and bed and breakfasts that offer vegetarian and vegan menus.

5 Veggie and Vegan Restaurants in Rome 

1. AranciaBlu

One of the most popular, though expensive, vegetarian restaurants in Rome is the Arancia Blu. This is a veggie eating place that Romans recommend and although it can be costly you are paying for quality.

Every Arancia Blu napkin bears the legend, “Many consider vegetarian dishes to be lacking in flavour, monotonous and punitive. We try to prove them wrong.” And this they certainly do in their range of traditional dishes and desserts. They specialise in making handmade pasta filled with various vegetarian fillings.


(Photo: Joe Wittenbrook)

2. Bibliothè

The Bibliothè is situated in a cobblestone alley leading off the Corso Vittorio Manuele. It is a vegetarian restaurant with a difference because it follows ancient Indian Ayurvedic principles and doubles as a cultural club promoting yoga, Indian dance, martial arts and other activities.


(Photo: Global Panorama)

The Bibliothè serves only vegetarian and vegan food, and much of it is organic.

3. Rewild Cruelty-Free Club

The Rewild Cruelty-Free Club is strictly vegan when it comes to what they serve. You will have to take the Metro line out of the city centre of Rome to the Garbatella district to get there but it is worth the effort.

The Rewild doubles a pub and serves beer as well as vegan hotdogs, burgers and a wide range of main course dishes and desserts.

You have to become a card-holding member to eat at the Rewild Cruelty-Free Club but membership is free.  The Rewild also stages various events including film shows and concerts.

4. La Capra Campa

La Capra Campa only serves vegan food and sells vegan wines too.


(Photo: Svenne Vegan)

This bistro prides itself on its pasta and homemade seitan and guarantees that all its meals are made from 100% cruelty-free produce. La Capra Campa offers a range of desserts as well, including cheesecake with berries and fruit compote. This vegan eatery has outdoor seating if you fancy some fresh air.

5. Il Margutta RistorArte

Last but certainly not least on this list of vegetarian and vegan eating places is Il Margutta which has been serving vegetarian and vegan food for over 30 years. Situated on the well-known Via Margutta this restaurant offers buffet-style lunches among options on its menu.


(Photo Joi Ito)

Besides serving meals free from meat, fish and dairy,  Il Margutta RistorArte has an eye for artistic expression in its atmosphere and decor.

It is certainly possible to eat vegetarian and vegan meals when eating out in Rome and to do so in comfort and style!

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