9 Family Destinations for Summertime

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Summer is here and the kids have finished the school year, it’s time for holidays – following are some interesting family locations that can solve the discussion of where to go on holidays, as future ideas or giving you an idea for a perfect Summer vacations. Although the title indicates there are destinations for Europe, there are some surprises, to widen the possibilities. ENJOY!

After long days of hard working at your office space, shop or freelance position in Abu Dhabi, when summer comes we all deserve a short break to recharge batteries, spend quality time with the family and learn a touch of new cultures, arts and sports.Therefore it’s also time to relax and savour these moments and if these can be shared with the family in another country, even better!!


Liberte Egalite Fraternite, was the slogan used for the world changing French Revolution, caused by the extravagant monarchy that had, the bad luck of going through harsh nature patches. Bringing into action the Force of Hunger and the Force of the Monarchy was disintegrated in France and spread throughout Europe, leaving a trail of decapitations. To end up creating one of the World’s first modern Empires; which later were the United States of America (USA) and the now gone, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).


Bild: Flickr/ Elliott Brown    

Upon such World importance, there is an exuberant city with gold street lamps or incredible statues, no need to mention, landmarks (Eiffel Tower…). Seen, by just walking through the city, towards the Louvre or the Sacre Coeur (from which the views of Paris are astonishing), for example.


Bild: Pixabay/ Mikebrice

We all know how kids are…and to solve this problem you always have the option of luring them to Paris due to the short distance there is to EuroDisney. What more can you ask of a city?


A Global City, with all that that implies, attracts millions of people a year for many different reasons.

Keeping focused, for families there are a wide variety of attractions and activities: London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussaud or St Pauls Cathedral are as good a reason as any other to visit this vibrant and multicultural metropolis.


Bild: Pixabay/ fotofan1

With lodgings such as Bed&Breakfasts all over Britain (including Edinburgh), you can wake up to a typical English Breakfast, if desired and start the day by opening the door and start walking, to go shopping, visit museums or have a picnic in Hyde Park.



Bild: Pixabay/ Dias12

Follow through to the great temple of Athena, the Parthenon and begin the journey of the history or legends, that come from the rich Greek Mythology. Full of wars and heros (Iliad) and also, of passion and love (Eros and Psyche) and if you are tired of this great civilization. You can always relax at one of the beaches, Greece has to offer and/or savour the delightful mediterranean diet – Greek style!!


There is very little to say about this cradle of modern civilisation, that hasn’t been said yet, but 200m from Piazza Venezia you’ll come upon The Time Elevator, Rome’s very own 3D ride, providing you with the ideal introduction to the city and getting the kids involved in this ancient city where all roads lead to it.

For the feisty type that, after visiting the Colosseum, dreaming of being a Gladiator…don’t dream, do it, take a stroll from the Colosseum to the Gladiator School of Rome and polish your ancient fighting skills for a couple of hours.


Bild: Pixabay/ lena1


Bild: Pixabay/ wikilmages

When night comes and after a nice pizza or pasta dish, you’re still with energy and want to live the night life. Take a Dark Rome Tour, if you’re into ghost, legends and mystery stories, you’ll love to walk through the streets of Rome guided through places where ghosts, legends have occurred or are still happening.


Situated in the region, Rhône-Alpes, as Albertville, hoster of the 1992 Winter Olympics, it’s perfect for this time of the season.

A perfect ski resort for the family to enjoy the Christmas Holidays, but if you feel it’s too late to embark in this trip, leave it for next xmas or plan it for summer.

Also ideal for families who enjoy nature and outdoor sports: from rock climbing for beginners to Tyrolean traverse you’ll all get to experience something new during the summer months.


Bild: Flickr/ Alex Ranaldi


Bild: Flickr/ Guilhem Vellut

Of course, as in Paris, the culinary tradition and the fromage tradition is highly regarded and thus you get the chance to taste incredible cheeses and even wander through a cheese factory.

The Savoie, is the region’s name and is boundary to Italy, which can be a good idea to have, if you like driving or want to take advantage of the moment and do a bit of sightseeing of Italy’s mountainous region.


Aka the ‘Athens of the North’, is a beautifully structured city, peaking at its top, is Edinburgh Castle, at the end of the Royal Mile.


Bild: Flickr/ dun_deagh


Bild: Flickr/ Marius Brede

It’s a vibrant city with things going on all the time, from visiting the Castle or the Holyrood Palace (where the Queen of England enjoys her summer holidays) and Park to the incredible Fringe Festival, live, all through the month of August.

Always take into account the Highlands, that are just a few hours away, a sleep-over in Inverness, gives you the opportunity to sightsee the Highland landscape, it’s approximately a 4 hour drive; you can always go in train or bus.

Once in Inverness you can venture into the Loch Ness…it’s only a 20 minute drive from town, as with the transport to Inverness, there are buses that take you there.

Canary Islands

Here is where Christopher Columbus, set sail to discover a different way to access the ‘West Indies’. La Pinta, La Niña and his flagship the Santa Maria began a 5 week voyage across the ocean (Atlantic) which was to become, a radical changing of the perception of our home – Earth.

You can set your base in Lanzarote, an idyllic island, full of contrasts and touched by a magnificent artist, Cesar Manrique.

From there you can decide if you’d rather relax at the islands resorts or visit San Sebastian de la Gomera, the harbour from where Christopher Columbus set sail, in the island of La Gomera or touch the peak of the Canary Islands.


Bild: Flickr/ Crowbared


Bild: Flickr/ Emilio García

Mount Teide is the 3rd highest volcano in the world and it’s just a 40 minute flight from Lanzarote to Tenerife, where you have plenty of options to locate your bed and plan a guided trip or rent a car and venture to a sea of clouds.


Is essentially music, it couldn’t be anything else, being the hometown to one of the greatest musicians the world has ever heard, W. A. Mozart.


Bild: Flickr/ valakirka

But located as it is, at the foot of the alpine Peaks and with the Krimml Waterfalls as one of Salzburg’s state national attractions, cascading from a height of approximately 380m, to the the thick of the national park; Hohe Tauern. Indicates from where did Mozart get his inspiration and without a doubt, such a scenery, invites the tourist to come and visit it’s people, culinary tradition and the music.

Other attractions that are a definite YES for all the family could be The World of Ice Giants in Warfen, compiling 40 km of ice carvings that will numb your senses in more than one way.

Enthusiast skiers can find lodgings in the village of Flachau where they can access a one hour shuttle to Ski Amadé.

Abu Dhabi

As good as a plane trip, but at your doorstep, with one of the greatest and most vibrant countries in the world. A city under construction, full of interesting places to visit such as: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, Behind the scenes at Yas Marina Circuit, Al Ain Oasis, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, Hili Fun City

Why not spend the money near home, a positive look at it is the fact that you’ll avoid the long plane hours or worse. On top of this is the fact that Abu Dhabi has world class resorts that can be as good a treat as visiting Old Europe.

abu dabi

Bild: Flickr/ Evo Flash

Visit your region as a tourist, with a relaxed pace, to be able to amaze yourself at the marvels of engineering, that are being constructed throughout the city. Take a weekend trip to other Global Cities like Doha, Riyadh or get to know more of the great EXPO 2020 that’s going to be hosted by Dubai.


Which should be the last destination in this list, feel free to add whichever place you want, regardless of the continent. Don’t bother either with the time of the year or try to add a place that suits for the whole year.

Remember, love hasn’t always got to be represented by material things, so if your year hasn’t been as productive as expected. It isn’t the end of the world, you can still have a great holiday with your family. I suppose the question is being happy wherever one is and this is achieved, not by the setting, but by the characters who take part in it. HAPPY SUMMER!!

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