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Do you live in one of the most popular countries world?

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A map has been produced of the most popular countries in the world according to the number of yearly arrivals. The top 20 are: Marcao SAR in China with 12,900,000 visitors, Poland with 13,400,000, Canada with 16,000,000, Greece with 16,400,000, Saudi Arabia with 17,500,00, Thailand with 19,500,000, Ukraine with 21,400,000, Hong Kong with 22,300,000, Austria with 23,000,000, Mexico with 23,400,000. At number 10 we have Malaysia with 24,700,00, then Russian federation with 24,900,000, Germany with 28,400,000, UK with 29,300,00, Turkey with 34,000,000, Italy with 46,200,000, Spain with 56,700,000, China with 57,600,000, USA with 62,700,00 and (drumroll please), France! With a total of 81,400,000 visitors per annum!

Most Popular Countries in the World

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