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Believe it or not, The Simpsons are extremely well travelled! During their 25 seasons on the air, The Simpsons have been all over the world. For example in one episode Homer went to Iceland. In another episode they went to London and made like the Beetles at Abbey Road. They also went to Ireland and spend most of their time in an Irish Pub! In another episode Bart gets to go to France on an exchange programme, without his sister! Italy is another European destination that the Simpsons visited and were sent by Mr Burns. Abu and Homer also went trekking in India in one episode and Lisa once went to Brazil to track down her penpal who has stopped writing to her. And in one hilarious Episode the Simpsons family found themselves in Antarctica after being thrown off a cruise ship!


Everywhere The Simpsons Went
Everywhere the Simpsons went  – Source: Venere



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