Dining etiquette around the world

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Different places around the world have different dining etiquette. For example, in Portugal you should never ask for salt and pepper, this would offend the chef’s seasoning skills. Also, in Portugal you should always leave a 10% tip. In france it is considered unsophisticated to split the bill. You should also keep you hands above the table and do not bite into bread, tear off a chunk before eating. In Japan you should never cross your chopsticks, lick them or use them to pass food. However, it is polite to drink from a soup bowl and make loud slurping noises! In Italy you should never ask for cheese if it isn’t offered and a 5 to 10% tip is expected. In India, it is impolite to leave a meal unfinished. Also, you should never eat with your left hand as it is considered unclean (toilet paper is not generally used). In Thailand food is shared within the group, also you should not take the last bite. Lastly, belching is considered very polite in China!

Dining Etiquette Around the World

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