Vagrants in Vegas

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“School is like going to Vegas. Gambling thousands of dollars when there’s no guarantee you’ll be successful.”

Did you know that the average guy loses about $250 per day in Vegas casinos when visiting? Neither did I, but my buddy Lance and I soon discovered that what you take to Vegas stays in Vegas. By day 5 of our 14 day trip we were close to broke and realised that Lady Luck had her back well and truly turned on us. There was nothing for it but to see how the other half live in Las Vegas. A taxi costs around $15 and the monorail is more, so we took the bus – air conditioned, and a bargain at $5 a day or an extra 50 cents if you want to get on the Deuce, the double decker that runs to the Convention Centre. We didn’t have $250,000 dollars to get the fountain at the Bellagio to play us a song, but it was free to watch as Lance and I sang along. We headed to Circus, Circus to see the fantastic free circus shows that take place each hour after 11, and we saw free movies in 3D next to the MGM, home of America’s biggest bronze statue, its famous lion. By our last day we had free food from the casinos and complementary drinks down pat, then I won $500,000 at Roulette in the Dunes, so we stayed for another week.

Fun Las Vegas Facts

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