Not Matt Harding!

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

– St. Augustine

Well you’ve all seen the famous Matt Harding video, the one where he dances at dozens of cool locations around the world? Things were going well and we had some time and money to spare so we decided to give it a go too. My wife Sophie and I, along with my friend Joey and his friend Emma set off with the best intentions. This is what happened. Couldn’t make it to Bolivia so we danced on Bournemouth beach, Sophie stood on a crab. We made it to Petra where the ancient buildings are fabulous, camel spat on Sophie. Machu Picchu was a bit out of our league so we danced on Glastonbury Tor, Sophie sprained ankle on wet grass. Decided as a bit of a treat to do Venice, it rained non stop and Sophie got flu. It rained in Tokyo too, and Sophie wasn’t keen on the topless bar in Ginza. Ecuador and Australia were out so we went to London Zoo, Sophie got separated from us on the tube. Haven’t found Sophie yet, but her solicitor says that our divorce will be final in a few weeks, so Joey and I are off to Namibia to carry on in true Matt Harding tradition.

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