Moving to Australia – broadband deals

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Planning to move down under? As an expat you will probably want to keep communicated with your former residence due to family or business necessities. The best and cheapest way to achieve this is by a broadband connection. With apps like Skype or basic emails, communication can be cheap, reliable and constant. Therefore if you’re in need of such services take the time to research the available deals that are on offer. Here you’ll be introduced to the options serviced in Australia and hopefully this will aid you towards your final decision.

What do you need Internet for?

Before comparing prices and packages, ask yourself for what will the internet be used. This is a key question you’ll have to answer because it’ll determine your price range and package. There is a wide variety of products on offer and the range of costs also vary, for example, a fixed wired-broadband subscription, oscillates between $40 and $100 or more a month! It’s, in my opinion, a big range that can save you money and when one moves, money is of vital importance – isn’t it?

The options you have for home broadband are ADSL, ADSL2+, naked, cable and wireless and for on the move, most companies like vodafone, dodo or optus offer mobile broadband. The most popular service, because of its fast internet access through the phone, is ADSL2+.

  • TIP – remember your needs might not be in the basket offered by ADSL2+ or it is, but you pay for extra services that you aren’t going to use (telephone line).

Moving to Australia - broadband deals
Moving to Australia – broadband deals

10 companies offering these services in Australia –

  • iiNet – “We’ve come a long way since our days of working out of a suburban garage in the early 90s. Fast forward 18 years, and iiNet is now Australia’s second largest DSL Internet Service Provider (ISP) and leading challenger in the telecommunications market.”

  • Westnet – “… a Western Australian-based internet service provider (ISP), founded in the city of Geraldton back in 1994. Now owned 100% by iiNet, Westnet has around 220,000 members and a proven track record for delivering customer satisfaction.

  • dodo – “… Australia’s supplier of cheap ADSL broadband, mobile & home phone packages. Super fast connections & big downloads…”

  • Aussie Broadband – “… a privately owned and operated telecommunications carrier based in regional Victoria.”

  • MyNetFone – “… wholly Australian owned and operated and is committed to providing top-of-the-range VoIP and Naked DSL Broadband services guaranteed to save you a fortune off your phone and internet bills.”

  • Adam Internet – “With over 25 years of experience, Adam Internet started from humble beginnings as a Bulletin Board Service – we are now recognised as one of the leading ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) in Australia.”

  • alliance telecom – “… is an Australian Owned Telecommunication Company that believes in helping customers save money and at the same time enjoy a good quality of service.”

  • Telstra – “Every day we help millions of Australians connect to the people and things that matter most to them, because we believe the more connected people are the more opportunities they have.”

  • BIGPOND – service offered by Telstra

  • MyFibre – “… we know the NBN is new to everyone, so our website has been designed to not only tell you about our plans & services, but also give you an idea of how the NBN Co services work.”

These are just 10 of the companies offering ISP services, if you want to check out more companies – Yahoo Directory is a good place to start, but if you don’t want to or don’t have the time to check all the list (over 100 companies). There are specialised websites that do this for you and offer you what they, as professionals, believe are the best deals in the ISP market. Saving you time and money!

As you might have observed the procedures are similar in most countries and they aren’t a five minute job; if you want the right services. Even more so taking into account that you’re moving to a new country and probably you won’t know the community or neighbourhood.

Therefore try to have a clear position on what you want to get from an ISP service and then start the comparison between companies or as mentioned internet providers compare deal prices and have ready to subscribe: bundles, broadband, mobile broadband, pay TV, phone or mobile deals.

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